1:1 Leadership Coaching for Emerging Leaders, Middle Managers and Executives


1-Year Coaching Program

Ideal for new managers or future successors to a business, this intensive program pairs your manager with an independently employed Baby Boomer who has deep experience in your leader’s function, discipline, industry, or role.  This mentor is uniquely qualified to coach your manager since he or she has “been there and done that.”  Completion of the 1-year program culminates in graduation.

6-Month Fast-Track Coaching 

The 6-month fast-track program is designed for experienced managers who are potential future senior executives.  They may have been recently given more responsibility and need to elevate their strategic business acumen.  While these mentees are experienced in their industry and/or job function, they must learn to think and act strategically to be successful.  Their mentors focus on coaching within the Vital 9 Leadership Disciplines Strategic Leadership, Partnership, Respect, and Personal Excellence.

3-Month Executive Coaching

Ideal for business owners and executives who need to accelerate results, this short-term coaching is designed to support an experienced executive in the achievement of specific goals.  Mentors provide guidance learned through personal experience and hold executives accountable to taking action.

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Upon successful completion of coaching, your leader:

  • Understands the differences between managing and leading, and knows when each is appropriate to use

  • Cultivates continual leadership strength within each of the Vital 9™ Leadership Disciplines over time

  • Skillfully navigates challenging leadership situations common within his or job function and industry

  • Leverages his or her unique personality style and emotional intelligence to increase effectiveness with customers and co-workers over time

  • Is someone you can count on to drive the organization’s success

The Vital 9 Leadership Disciplines

Leading People

Identifying, attracting, managing, inspiring, and retaining top talent for the organization


Practicing active listening, having difficult conversations, enabling successful conflict resolution.


Fostering collaboration with others critical to the organization’s success

Customer Focus

Measuring key performance indicators of client satisfaction with a focus on continuous improvement

Leading Process

Creating disciplined and sustainable processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness

Successful Execution

Taking full responsibility for ensuring key initiatives critical to success are implemented

Producing Results

Tenaciously and consistently producing the desired results through others

Strategic Leadership

Aligning functional objectives with organizational vision, mission, and strategy

Personal Excellence

Modeling high integrity and dedication to work, pursuing continuous professional development and aligning behavior with life goals

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Vital 9 Team Workshops

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We do keynotes, half-day, and one-day workshops on The Vital 9 Leadership Disciplines.

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