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Are Your Millennial Leaders Prepared to Fuel Your Organization’s Growth?

Everyone knows good leadership is essential to an organization’s success. Good managers create a positive culture, inspiring and developing the talent that drives company profits. Bad leaders create toxic cultures and increase turnover, causing sales to decline and ultimately costing companies money.

There’s a gap in leadership talent today. The much-publicized Baby Boomer “brain drain” is here; every day 10,000 more turn 65, and they’re leaving the traditional workforce in droves – taking all their leadership wisdom with them. Gen Xers already occupy senior leadership positions. Employers - desperate to fill open management jobs - are fast-tracking young workers into management positions for which they aren’t fully prepared. At the same time, in the post-great-recession world, their bosses are wearing more hats than ever before. They’re stretched thin, and they don’t have time to teach their emerging leaders the skills required for success.

That’s where the Millennial Mentors come in. We save you time and help you mitigate risks of costly leadership mistakes. In short, we’re Baby Boomers who’ve been there and done that, and we get your new leader ready for success before they make costly mistakes.

Convergence of Demographic Factors Propelling Young Workers to Leadership


10,000 Baby Boomers Reach Retirement Age Every Day


Gen Xers (37-49) Already Occupy Senior Leadership Roles


Millennials Are Now 50% Of The Workforce


The Oldest Millennials Are Just 36 And Lack The Required Leadership Skills And Experience To Be Highly Effective

Why We Started Millennial Mentors

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What Our Clients Say:

"Amy, thank you for your coaching and mentoring over the last few months.  I know we have only been working together for a few months…I wanted you to know you have brought my confidence back.  I appreciate how you let me figure things out."

"Peter connects with people in a very real way because he has an appreciation of what we all do."

"It is a life changing experience to work with a Mentor who has tremendous strategic, tactical and leadership capability and experience.  Jennifer brought incredible insight, balanced perspectives and at the same time has challenged me at all the right times to push myself that much harder to achieve my ambitions."

"Peter immediately attracts the interest of his learners through a unique balance of humor, intellect, and experience.  He demonstrates an ideal balance by being both results and people-focused from the start."

"In the last 2 years I have been promoted to multi-unit positions, and there is no doubt in my mind that I would not have achieved this without Jennifer’s quiet, determined insistence that I remain focused on my long-term goals.   She provided valuable advice, and most importantly acted as a sounding board and wise counsellor."

"Amy has provided adaptable, relevant, and beneficial leadership coaching services to my new Operations Manager.  Her approach combines careful and accurate observation with her experience and insightfully accurate intuition."